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[Seattle 4-Day Tour] Visit Seattle, Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park

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Day 1 Hometown - Seattle
From hometown to Seattle. Visit Microsoft Headquarters, University of Washington or Kerry Park, Starbucks Original Roast Coffee Experience Hall.

Day 2 Mount Rainier National Park
Visit Mount Rainier National Park. Visit Christine Falls, Narada Falls, Reflection Lake, Martha Falls, Paradise Meadows and more.

Day 3 Seattle City Tour
The attractions of Seattle are as follows:
Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Chihuly Glass Art Gallery, Seattle Music Experience Hall and Boeing Factory

Day 4 Olympic National Park
Depart in the morning and head to the Olympic National Park. It has the world's largest temperate prime rainforest. In the middle of the peninsula, there is a magnificent Olympic mountain range, and 60 glaciers are endless. In the evening, we will experience the special lifestyle of Seattle people and take a ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle.


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