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[7-day tour] France + Italy + Monaco + Vatican + Switzerland Cultural Cradle Tour

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Day 1 Paris - Lucerne
Join the group in Paris and does not visit Paris. In the morning, head straight to Switzerland, enter Switzerland from Basel in the afternoon, drive to Lucerne, and stay in Lucerne or the neighbouring city.

Day 2 Lucerne - Milan - Venice
Depart for Milan in the morning, visit Doomo Square, Victoria Immanuel II cloister, Doomo Cathedral (Milan Cathedral); drive to Venice in the afternoon, overnight in Venice or nearby cities.

Day 3 Venice - Rome
Depart for Venice in the morning. Upon arrival, take the "water taxi" to the famous St. Mark's Square, visit St. Mark's Church, the Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal and the shopping alleys. Take the Gondola and enjoy the canal. After going to the glass craft factory. In the afternoon, head to Rome and spend the night in Rome or nearby cities.

Day 4 Rome - Vatican - Arezzo
Depart for the Vatican in the morning - the smallest country in the world, visit St. Peter's Basilica, then visit the Roman sights: the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, the Unification Memorial, the Deville Fountain; the rest of the time to visit the Republic Square, Angels and The Church of Our Lady of the Martyrs. Depart for Florence in the afternoon and stay in Arezzo or the neighbouring city at night.

Day 5 Arezzo - Florence - Pisa - Genoa or Nearby City
Depart for Florence in the morning, from Piazzale Michelangelo, take a panoramic view of Florence; visit the city's attractions: Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and Arch Bridge, Santa Croce. In the afternoon, head to Pisa, visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, visit Pisa Cathedral and the Baptistry, drive to Genoa, and stay in Genoa or the neighboring city that night.

Day 6 Genoa or Nearby City - Monaco - Nice - Cannes - Avignon or Nearby City
Depart for the southern coast of France in the morning and arrive at Monte Carlo, the capital of Monaco, at noon to visit the Royal Palace of Monaco. Go to Nice and visit the Angels Bay; then head to Cannes. The southern part of France is a rich place for perfumes. On the way, through the perfume-producing town, you can visit the perfume factory. In the afternoon, drive in the direction of Provence and stay in Avignon or the neighboring city that night.

Day 7 Avignon or Nearby City - Paris
Depart for Paris in the morning and expect to arrive at dusk. At around 18:30, leave the group in the Italian square and end the 7-day trip.


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